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Каленик, Е. Н. Theory and practice of physical culture [Электронный ресурс]: учебное пособие для вузов по дисциплине «Теория и практика физической культуры» для всех направлений и специальностей в соответствии с ФГОС ВО / Ulyanovsk State University Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture. — Ulyanovsk: UlSU, 2022 — 144 p. — На англ. яз. — <URL:>.

Record create date: 6/7/2022

Subject: Физическая культура — учебные пособия для вузов; здоровый образ жизни; физическая культура; физические упражнения

Organization: Ulyanovsk State University

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The textbook is intended for students studying in English in the course «Theory and practice of physical culture», teachers of physical culture who work with foreign students, as well as specialists in the field of physical culture. The study guide contains the necessary material that allows students to master the knowledge of physical culture in the program of universities. Practical tasks will allow students to quantify their functional status and fitness, as well as to effectively engage in physical exercises and sports.

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